Five Alternatives to Audio Streaming Service Radionomy

Ever since I had a chance to try out the now-defunct Winamp media player, I started to explore the amazing world of the online radio channels since Winamp used to come with SHOUTcast support built inside. After being fascinated by online radio channels, I started to find other players, applications and websites that offer a similar functionality. One of these online radio streaming web services is Radionomy which is available both as a web app and as mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Since Radionomy is shutting down from January 2020, you will have to find alternatives for Radionomy soon so that you can keep broadcasting or listening to online radio stations without any problem.


Here is a short list of some of very good alternatives for Radionomy:

1. SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast is perhaps the largest directory of online radio stations available. It is available on both desktop and the mobile platforms. Started out in 1999, now it offers thousands of radio stations in all the different genres. You can visit their website and pick a radio station to listen their station in a matter of seconds.


You can visit SHOUTcast at

2. Live365

Live365 is another online radio related web app that privides all the tools necessary to create your own online radio station. It will also provide you step-by-step instructions for creating brand new radio station. You can also see a list of radio station containing all the radio stations both amateur and professional.


You can visit Live365 at

3. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is the most popular online radio app on Android devices. You can search thousands of radio stations and listen to them wherever you are. This makes possible to always be able to listen to your favorite radio programs even when you are traveling abroad.

TuneIn Radio

You can visit TuneIn Radio at

4. Deezer

Deezer is an online music streaming service hosted in France. It allows you to find and listen to thousands of commercial music tracks. You can easily compare it with Spotify because both Spotify and Deezer are not available in some countries.


You can visit Deezer at

5. Pandora

Pandora was founded back when the Internet was very young and it is still streaming today. Pandora is available in both free and the paid version. When you are using the paid version of Pandora, you will not hear the ads and the streaming audio quality will become much higher.


You can visit Pandora at

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