WizKey Helps Insert Special Characters in Any Application

Every now and then, when we are creating a new Word document, replying to someone over social networks or writing a blog post, we have to insert special characters in the text. For example, if you are asking someone to send their résumé and do not use the e with acute accent (é) then people might take you for an uneducated or unrefined person. These special characters can be inserted easily using a small application called WizKey.

WizKey makes it very convenient for anyone to insert special characters into any Windows application using only a few keystrokes. After installing WizKey in your PC, when you launch it for the very first time – it shows you all the hotkeys that can be used to special special characters belonging to a character set. For example, in order to insert é, all you have to do is press the key combination Ctrl+’ and then the letter e.


But this is not the only way to enter these special characters in any text editor or other application. If you don’t want to remember all these hotkeys and want an easy way, then you can simple press the Ctrl key twice. This will bring up the main menu of WizKey from where you can select special characters as you please.


WizKey stays in the notification area of Windows desktop to show you that is is active. You can right-click on its icon in the system tray and choose to enable or disable it. From here you can also open the main settings for WizKey or open its help page.


In the settings for WizKey, you can choose the double-tap key (which is by default the Ctrl key) using which you can bring up the main WizKey menu from where any symbol or special character can be inserted. You can also enable or disable this double-tap global sub-menu key if desired. Furthermore, you can make WizKey automatically load at Windows startup.


Conclusion: WizKey makes it very easy to insert special characters into any application easily through its intuitive menu based user interface. It can make your typing faster as now you no longer have to copy-paste these special characters or use the insertion tool to add these symbols.

You can download WizKey from https://antibody-software.com/.

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