ImageGrab Extracts Video Frames as BMP or JPEG Images

It is very hard not to make videos of some events or places as now everyone has powerful cameras in their smartphones. You are already holding your smartphone in your hands, so just tap in the camera app and start recording those videos. But managing all of these hundreds of videos is not easy. If you want to maintain a library of your videos then the first thing you need is video snapshots or thumbnails. For this, you can use a freeware app called ImageGrab using which you can extract frames from your videos and save them to your hard drive in the BMP or JPEG image formats.

ImageGrab harnesses the powerful ffdshow and LAV DirectShow filters for playing videos and capturing their video frames. In its intuitive user interface, you have to open a video file and it will load it in its small video player control. As it uses ffdhow and LAV filters, it can open and load almost all kinds of video file formats supported by these filters. After loading a video file you can use the video playback control to find the frame that you want to extract and then press F5 to save that video frame in either  the BMP or JPEG format.


If you find it very hard to locate a frame by just pausing a video or going back and forth a bit, then you can use the intervalometer feature. This feature replaces the video playback controls with switch that can be switched on or off to show you frames one by one at a desired speed. You can use intervalometer to find a specific frame at a specific time in the videos.


In the video frames extracted, you can add the time-stamp, add numbers, use a custom file name, add a counter to the image file names and more. You can force an aspect ratio for the videos, you can flip the video frame vertical or horizontal etc.

ImageGrab is a nifty little tool for capturing the video frames from any video and saving them as BMP or JPG images. It uses ffdhow an LAV filters to support all types of videos. It features a feature intervalometer that can help you locate a frame in a very easy and precise manner.

You can download ImageGrab from