How to Convert Office Documents into Images Using LibreOffice

Social networking started out as a fun communication medium for friends and family members. There was a time people were playing farm games on Facebook all day long. But in the last many years, Twitter and Facebook have evolved into an easy way to contact government authorities, politicians and helpdesk of various organizations. If you are having trouble with your bank account, just tweet to the bank’s official Twitter handle and they will immediately respond. If your newly installed security software is not working properly, one tweet can make them help you in seconds. But sometimes these official social handles ask you for screenshots of certain documents. If you want to post a screenshot of Office documents, you have to first convert them into image files.

Here is how you can use LibreOffice, a free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Office, to convert any supported Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) into JPEG or PNG images:

  1. Open the target Office documents in LibreOffice.
  2. When the document has been loaded, click on the File menu and select Export.Convert Office Docs into Images Using LibreOffice
  3. You will see an ordinary File Save dialog. From this dialog choose either JPEG or PNG file format in the “Save as type” box depending on whether you want to convert the document into JPEG or PNG images. Pick a file name and then click on the Save button.Convert Office Docs into Images Using LibreOffice
  4. Depending on the file format chosen, you will be shown different options. For JPEG file format, you can choose resolution, dimensions, color depth, quality etc. For the PNG file format, you also see the transparency, interlacing, and the compression level. Clicking on the OK button will finalize the conversion.Convert Office Docs into Images Using LibreOffice

One benefit of converting Office documents into images is that you can easily edit out all the private information from the images using any basic image editor such as MS Paint. After redacting the details that you do not want to make public, you can post the images to your social accounts.