VisiPics Finds Duplicate and Similar Images in Windows

Many of us are in the habit of just downloading a file whenever we need it. So we download an image file and save it somewhere on the hard drive. Next time we need it again, we download it again and save it somewhere else. This behavior results in a number of duplicate image files spread all over the hard drive. Since you don’t need more than one copy of these images, you can remove the rest and save your hard drive space for other things. You can use a free software VisiPics to locate and remove duplicate image files.

VisiPics is able to find not only the exact identical images, but also similar images. It can match two images if one is rotated or is in different resolution. It can also compare images stored in different image file formats. It makes use of a very popular open-source image library called ImageMagick to load and open the image files and as a result it supports many popular image file formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PCX, TGA, and even the RAW format.


You have to first add a folder (or more folders) to the search list in VisiPics window. After this you have to select a mode from the slider control – Strict, Basic, Loose or somewhere in the middle. If the mode setting is closer to Strict mode then it will be match only identical images. If it is closer to the Loose setting, then it will match similar images with a lot of differences.

Clicking on the run button will start the search for duplicate images. When it detects duplicate files, a group of duplicate files is added to the list on the left. You can mark the images for moving or deletion in all these groups and choose the appropriate options to either move or delete them.

You can download VisiPics from