PicPick : Portable Screen Capture and Image Editing Tool

There are many reasons why someone would want to capture their computer screen or a part of it and save it into an image file. For example, you may have to capture the screen for making tutorials, for help guides or for blogging. For capturing the screenshots, you can simple press the Print Screen key on your keyboard – it will capture the screen and save it to your clipboard.

Windows does provide some tools to capture the screen, but you will have a better time with third party tools like PicPick – a portable screen capture utility for Windows. It is a smart screenshot tool that also offers an in-built image editor and other useful tools. With its help you can create, edit and annotate screenshots very easily.


PicPick makes it very easy to take screenshots. After the installation or when launched as a portable program, it places itself in the notification area of Windows Desktop. You can right-click on this icon and select an option to capture the screen. You can capture full-screen, active window, window control, scrolling window, region, fixed region, freehand, etc. You can access these functions using hotkeys as well.


All of these screen capture functions are also available from the main window of PicPick. You can double-click on the notification area icon to access this interface. From here all the aforementioned screen capture functions are available and even more tools are available such as color picker, protractor (for measuring angles), whiteboard, pixel ruler, crosshair, magnifier and color palette.


As soon as it has taken a screenshot, it will open an in-built editor to edit it. This editor is designed for annotating and minor editing of the screenshots. It has all the usual features you will expect from a screenshot editor. You can also configure to send a screenshot directly to other apps, to an FTP server, to cloud data storage servers, printer, Skype, Microsoft Office and more.

You can download PicPick Screen Capture tool from https://picpick.app/en/.