Alternate File Shredder : Delete Files Irrecoverably in Windows

The physical paper shredders that you might find in an accountant’s office is used to shred papers that might contain personal information. My aunt, who was an accountant for many decades, used to shred these papers left out as a result of filing people’s taxes. But what about the files that are left in your computer and might contain private or sensitive information? You cannot simply delete these files because they can be recovered using tools like Recuva. In order to irrecoverably destroy the files, you have to use a file shredder tool such as Alternate File Shredder.

Having a very easy-to-follow user interface, Alternate File Shredder does not confuse the users about how to go about shredding files. You can start by adding the files or folders that you want to shred. The program supports drag-n-drop which makes it very easy to add the target files. After this all you have to do is choose the number of iterations (how many times the files will be overwritten), whether the file sizes & file names are to be changed, and then click on the Shred files icon in the toolbar.

Alternate File Shredder

Apart from shredding the files, it is also able to shred the free space. By shredding the free space, it overwrites all the unclaimed free hard drive space. This ensures that any files that you had deleted before installing Alternate File Shredder will also be overwritten and it will become impossible or even find any such deleted files. For shredding free space, you can just click on the Shred free space icon in the toolbar, choose the partitions and click on the OK button.

Alternate File Shredder

One of the tools accompanied with Alternate File Shredder is a binary file viewer. Using this tool you can view the binary contents of any of the added files. For this, you can select a file from the list and then click on the Binary file view icon in the toolbar. Using this tool you can add, insert, delete and set bytes into the files at any position.

Alternate File Shredder

Alternate File Shredder is free and fast tool for permanently deleting files in a manner that makes them impossible to be recovered. It does not use any of the standard file shredding algorithms but allows you to use a method of your own to overwrite the files to shred them.

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