DataEye Saves Mobile Data for Android Smartphones

There are many apps in Android that keep accessing the internet all the time. For example, email, magazine and news apps keep checking for the updates every few minutes and download data when such updates are available. This becomes a problem when you are going on a long journey and want your monthly mobile data to last all through the journey. With all the apps nibbling on your data every now and then, you have to either switch off your mobile or use a mobile data saving app like DataEye

DataEye for Android is a very useful app for those who want to a close watch on the mobile data usage in their smartphones. This app is able to prevent apps from accessing the internet and limit the data usage through the use of VPN. All you have to do is launch the DataEye app and tap on the enable button. It will inform you of the VPN before enabling it.

DataEye Save Mobile Data

Once it is enable, only a few apps would be able to access the internet. You can access the lists of open apps, blocked system apps and blocked other apps from the DataEye’s user interface easily. It will also show you the list of apps that recently attempted to access the internet but were blocked by DataEye. You can unblock or block any of these apps any time you wish. For example, it does not allows Firefox to access the internet at first, but you can find it from the list of blocked apps and enable it easily.

DataEye Save Mobile Data

In addition to saving your mobile data, it can also display some offers from your mobile service provider such as T-Mobil or Vodafone. Using these offers you can save your money and get better data or call services.

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