How to Use Logitech Mouse as Application Switcher

Logitech is a Swiss manufacturer of many computer products but they are most popular for their high quality mice and keyboards. They have a wide range of mice that you can use for everyday tasks or for gaming. Even though you can just attach a simple Logitech mouse to your PC through USB port and it will start working right away, you can have some extra features if you install Logitech SetPoint software.

Logitech SetPoint software can be used to associate different actions with different mouse buttons. One of the interesting features allows you to turn your mouse’s middle button into application switcher (task switcher). After this, when you click the middle button, it will have the same effect as if you have pressed the task switcher hotkey Alt+Tab.

Here is how you can use Logitech mouse as quick application switcher:

  1. First of all install Logitech SetPoint in your PC. You can download SetPoint from
  2. Double-click on the SetPoint icon in the notification area. You can also right-click on this icon and select “Mouse and Keyboard settings”. from the menu that appears.Logitech Mouse Application Switcher
  3. In SetPoint settings, switch to your mouse button settings. Select Middle Button from the buttons list, then select Application Switcher from the task list, then click on the OK button.Logitech Mouse Application Switcher
  4. Now when you click the middle button in your mouse, it will show the application switcher screen in Windows.

SetPoint can be used to assign different actions to your mouse buttons in a similar manner. This way you can use the middle button to flip document pages, to zoom in or out, auto-scroll pages, universal scroller and you can also assign some of the less commonly used actions such as opening the Start menu, to play/pause  videos, to send custom keystrokes, to mute or change the system volume and more.