Protect Online Privacy with MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner for Chrome Browser

When we are browsing websites, using online services or using even web apps in the Chrome web browser, we do not really bother to read the fine print that explains how these different apps are going to use our data. In fact some of these could have access to your data in a way that you would not want them to have it.

Just like a good lawyer can read the legal terms and explain them to you in layman terms, you need a special tool like MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner to analyze your Chrome web browser and see how many services and apps have access to your data. It is available as an extension for Chrome and can tell you about high risk apps that could be having too many permissions to access your data and devices.

MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner for Chrome

After the installation of MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner extension, you can simply click on its toolbar icon. It will slowly being analyzing your web browser and display the results after the scan has finished. In the results, you will be able to see high risk apps and low risk apps. High risk apps are not necessarily dangerous or malicious apps – they just have too many permissions to your data. Again, having many permissions to your data is not always bad – some apps do need all those permissions.

MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner for Chrome

There are options for disconnecting or trusting each of these apps or services. You have to make a judgement yourself and decide whether you want to disconnect an app or not. If you disconnect an app, it might not work as it should. But then you will have much better privacy.

MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner for Chrome

Privacy Cleaner for Chrome keeps working in the background and alerts you whenever a new app tries to gain permissions to your data. This gives you complete and full control over which online services and apps are accessing your data and in which manner.

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