Easily Set New Tab Page URL in Firefox with New Tab Override

When you open a new tab in Mozilla Firefox web browser, it displays a special new tab page showing the contents of Firefox Home. It may contain web search, top sites visited by you, highlights of your web browser usage (visited websites, websites that you have bookmarked, most recent downloads, web pages that you have saved to Pockets) and news snippets containing updates about Mozilla or Firefox.

You can disable Firefox Home from Firefox preferences (about:preferences). You can also change the new tab page to not display Firefox Home and display a blank page instead. But if you want to change the new tab page to display a custom URL or a local HTML file, then you will have to depend on a Firefox extension called “New Tab Override”.

New Tab Override

After installing “New Tab Override”, you can access its settings by clicking on its icon on the toolbar. This will display all the options available through this extension. From these options, you can choose a URL for the new tab page which can be a webpage address, a local HTML file, Mozilla New site and you can also change the background color of the new tab page from here.

New Tab Override

This extension changes some of the preferences related to new tab page in Firefox. So when you have change these settings and open a new tab in Firefox, you will receive an alert about this change. You can ignore or accept this alert as Firefox is just confirming whether you made this change or a rogue extension or application made this change without your permission.

“New Tab Override” makes it very easy to assign any website or locally stored HTML page for new tab page in Firefox. You can create an HTML file containing all of your favorite URL links and use that HTML file for new tab page easily through this extension.

You can get “New Tab Override” extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-override/.