Tipard DVD Cloner : Copy or Clone DVDs and Make ISO Images

Tipard DVD Cloner can be used to clone DVD disks, copy their content to a folder on the hard drive or create ISO images from DVD disks. It can work with physical DVD disks, DVD folders or ISO images and allows you to extract only certain parts of DVD movies.

When you launch DVD Cloner software, it will auto-detect and load the DVD disk if it is present in your computer’s DVD drive. If your PC does not have a DVD drive then you can also use an external USB DVD drive as they are easily available from Amazon and work as good as internal DVD writers. If you have previously copied the contents of a DVD to a folder on your hard drive, then that folder can also be used as the source. Similarly, you can choose an ISO image created from a DVD disk as the source.

Tipard DVD Cloner

As a DVD disk is loaded (or any other source), you see a preview of its media contents in the DVD Cloner interface. You can select movie chapters, tracks and scenes if you want to extract only those parts of the DVD. If your DVD movie is multilingual then you can also choose the language that you want to extract.

After selecting the source DVD and optionally what you want to extract from it, you can also choose a destination in a similar way. You can choose to clone a DVD, copy it to a folder or make ISO from it. If you choose a cloned DVD as destination, you would need a blank DVD disk and a DVD writer. Depending on the destination selected by you, it can finish the cloning or copying process in a few minutes or might take a longer time.

Tipard DVD Cloner

Tipard DVD Cloner is very easy-to-use and fast software for backing up your DVDs, making ISO images from DVDs and also cloning them. It does not confuse the user with too many options which makes it ideal for both beginners and advanced users. It is not free but you can use the trial version for 15 days.

You can download Tipard DVD Cloner from https://www.tipard.com/dvd-cloner-6.html.