Find Identical MP3 Audio Files with EF Duplicate MP3 Finder

MP3 files became popular in the 90’s because hard drives were very expensive and saving the music in the WAV format was not really feasible at the time. Even a 20 GB hard disk drive was considered a luxury and people tried everything to compress the files so that they can put more files in smaller storage space. But now that we have very large capacity hard drives, we are not often careful and keep copying MP3 files left and right. Sometimes we even copy the same files more than once in different folders of the hard drive. These identical MP3 files are not only using up your hard drive storage space, but they also appear more than once in the audio playlists.

Using EF Duplicate MP3 Finder, you can search for identical MP3 files on your hard drive and get rid of the extra copies. Unlike the identical files finder, it does not look for the files of the same names or files of the same exact content (files having the same hash checksum), but it looks for the audio files that have the same or similar audio data. This way you can find exact duplicates as well as MP3 files that sound similar.

EF Duplicate MP3 Finder

All the found files are listed in the EF Duplicate MP3 Finder window along with all the other details fetched from their ID3 tags. You can select any of these files and play them using an internal music player so that you can listen to these files and compare them yourself. You can move, copy or delete these files. You can rename the files if they are not properly named.

EF Duplicate MP3 Finder makes it very easy for you to find and delete the identical sets of MP3 audio files that could be present in your MP3 music collection. This software is available only as a trial version and shows nags again and again during the trial. Because the identical detection does not work properly (it found 6 duplicates, when none of the files were identical), we do not really recommend this program to any of our readers.

You can download EF Duplicate MP3 Finder from