Windscribe: Affordable, Fast and Reliable VPN for All Platforms

Security conscious users are now gearing towards using a VPN (Virtual Private Networking) these days. This is because a good VPN can hide your real IP address, routes all of your internet traffic through a secure network, and enhances your online privacy. As your IP address is well hidden behind the VPN server, it gives you some level of anonymity on the internet. A good VPN also provides powerful encryption for all the internet traffic making it impossible for anyone to snoop into your online activities.

Windscribe is better than free VPN

You can find hundreds of free VPN providers on the internet but when you are using free VPN, you are taking a big risk as these free VPN have many drawbacks. Almost all the free VPN providers not only log your online activities but they also track your online behavior. In addition, there are some free VPN services that inject scripts or ads in webpages as you visit them. Windscribe does not store personally identifiable logs with timestamps for any user.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe supports all platforms

What is the point of spending money on a VPN only to find out that it can be used only on a Windows PC? You should be able to use the same account on all of your devices irrespective of the platform. Unfortunately, not all the VPN providers allow this. Some of the VPN apps available on Google Play store or Apple App store are available only for the smartphones. But Windscribe VPN is available for all the popular platforms namely Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, Android, and web browsers (Opera, Chrome and Firefox).


Windscribe R.O.B.E.R.T.

Windscribe offers a feature called R.O.B.E.R.T. that blocks all sorts of undesirable things on the internet at DNS level. It can block malicious websites, invasive ads, trackers, social networking sites, inappropriate sites, cryptominers, clickbait sites and more. By default, only malware protection is enabled but you can quickly enable any of these filters from your Windscribe account panel and make your online life safer.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe does not log your online activities

When you are using Windscribe you can put your mind at ease, as they do not log your online activities. They specifically state that they do not store any logs of connections, IP addresses, timestamps, sessions, URLs or other online activities. But they do keep the log of how much VPN bandwidth was used from an account and when was the last time you logged in to your VPN account. Because Windscribe does not log any of your online activities, it provides you full privacy and anonymity.


Windscribe is affordable

Windscribe offers many subscription plans that you can choose from. The cheapest subscription plan costs only $2 per month which provides you unlimited VPN data from two locations of your choice. Considering that it can be used on all of your devices, it is a very affordable deal. Other plans include $50 annual that is fully unlimited in terms of bandwidth and locations. In addition, they also offer free accounts so you can get a taste of their VPN service.

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