ScanDir : Fast and Portable File Searching Utility for Windows

Windows 10 comes with its own searching feature which is built inside the Windows File Explorer and can be used to files or folders on your local storage drives. But many users have often complained that Windows Search is not as fast as used to be in the older versions of Windows. Fortunately, we do not have to depend on the inbuilt Windows Search feature to find files. We can use some very efficient tools to carry out all of our file search operations. One of these third-party file search tool is ScanDir which is a free, portable and very fast search utility for Windows.

ScanDir gives you the same old fashioned user interface as you might have seen in the file search feature of Windows XP. You can select a folder or drive that you want to search and then select the various search criteria such as file name (wild cards and regular expressions both are acceptable), whether you want to recursively search directories, which part of the file name should be matched (file, path name or the extension), the file size limits, file date limits and more.


Since the main reason why we search for files is to delete, rename, copy or move them, ScanDir has all these options added to the context-menu. You can right-click on the found files and choose to perform all of these file operations on them. If it is an image file, then it also displays the preview of that image in the form of a small thumbnail. If it is a media file (such as MP3) then it can play them using an internal media player.

Conclusion: ScanDir is a really fast file searching tool for Windows. It is great if you are looking for media files stored on your computer. It also allows you to quickly perform various file operations on the files.

You can download ScanDir from