Auto-Clean Browsing History with History Cleaner for Firefox Browser

With the kind of powerful computers that we use today, not many people will notice the slight delay that any web browser including Firefox will exhibit when they are launched or when you open a new tab because of a massive amount of stored browsing history. If you do not clean your web browsing history every few months, then you will also experience a bit longer time when Firefox is launched.

This is why we should keep cleaning the browsing history every now and then. Fortunately, Firefox allows cleaning the browser history in more ways than one. You can go through the usual route of pressing the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Del and clear all the history you want. Another way is use the Forget the history button in the toolbar that can be used to clean the history of past 5 minutes, two hours or 24 hours.

But if you want to forget about the whole thing and yet still want your Firefox to be squeaky clean, then you can install an add-on called History Cleaner. This add-on can automatically clean your web browsing history every few days. You will have a clean web browser that springs to action at your command and you won’t even have to do anything other setting up the add-on.

History Cleaner for Firefox

After installation of the add-on itself, you have to do one more thing – you have to set the number of days after which it starts the cleaning process. This can be done from this add-on’s settings which you can access by entering about:addons in the address bar. You can set any number of days more than 0 to make it active. If you enter 0, then the add-on won’t clean. Nothing can be simpler than this. Once you have set the days, you can forget about the add-on and it will keep cleaning at the set frequency on its own.

Conclusion: History Cleaner is a useful add-on for Firefox users and helps you keep your Firefox browser fast and clean. This add-on does not require any user interaction once it has been setup and can keep cleaning your web browsing history automatically after a set number of days.

You can get the History Cleaner extension for Firefox browser from