Kluk : Stylish Analog Clock for New Tab Page in Chrome Browser

When you launch Google Chrome web browser, it shows a new tab page where the shortcuts to most frequently visited sites are displayed along with the familiar Google search box at the top. If you do not really use the features provided by this new tab page in Chrome browser, then you can change the new tab page to another home page or can even install an extension like Kluk that turns the new tab page in Chrome into a very stylish analog clock.

After you have installed this Kluk extension in your Chrome browser, it will place an icon in the browser toolbar. But this icon is basically useless as it does not provide any special function. Even if this icon was missing the extension would have worked just fine.

Kluk is New Tab Clock for Chrome

You will notice the effect of new extension when you open a new tab by using the hotkey Ctrl+T or by clicking on the small “plus” next to an already open tab. Instead of the default new tab page, you will see a full page stylish clock which looks even better when you switch the browser window to the full-screen mode by pressing the F11 hotkey.

The design of this clock is inspired by our solar system – Sun at the center and all the planets revolving around it. You can switch to many different color themes for the clock from the same screen. There are eight different themes available and all of them are very beautiful and soothing to be honest. The themes include dark, light, neo, tea, pop, galaxy, boss, and retro.

Kluk is New Tab Clock for Chrome

This extension does not really add any new functions or features, neither does it provide any information or news snippets fetched from the internet. As far as the current time is concerned, you can easily look for time anywhere else in your computer. The Kluk extension is purely for the aesthetic pleasure – a total eye candy.

You can get the Kluk extension for Chrome browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kluk/obanalcjjhlhikmhfkeifieifjbpnchg/.