easyHDR Basic Free : HDR Photography Software for Windows

Have you ever heard people say “This camera didn’t do justice to the real thing” or “this picture doesn’t really capture the real thing”? This is because the digital camera sensor has its dynamic range limits and it cannot capture the details beyond this limit. In order to go beyond these limits of camera sensor, we use something called HDR photography in which a series of pictures are captured under different exposure and then combined together. Some modern digital cameras and even smartphones come with HDR photography features. But what if your camera does not have this feature?

In that case, you can use easyHDR Basic – a free software that can use one or more photos and generate an HDR photo using it. Using a single picture (RAW works best), this software can use LDR approach and produce a much more enhanced picture.

But it is not that easyHDR Basic offers only LDR enhancement using a single photograph. It can also work with a series of photographs having a variation of exposure and can use HDR enhancement to produce a great looking photograph.

easyHDR Basic Free

The user interface of easyHDR Basic looks like any other image editor. You can simple open one or more pictures that you want to use for HDR or LDR application. As soon as you open them, it will offer different types of HDR and LDR enhancements. After generating tone map for the sequence of the images, you will then have a preview of the resulting enhanced picture.

easyHDR Basic comes with all sorts of filters that you can apply to your images to make it look even better. You can change the color levels of the picture, rotate it and flip it, or crop the picture.

If your digital camera does not come with an Auto-HDR feature then you can use easyHDR Basic to stitch together a series of pictures under different exposure settings into a HDR picture easily. It can even use a single source photo and use LDR feature to enhance it.

You can download easyHDR Basic from https://www.easyhdr.com/download/basic/.