oMega Commander is File Manager with Cool Interface

oMega Commander is not only the popular wrist watch worn by the famous sleuth James Bond, but it is also the name of a great looking File Manager for Windows. This file manager is designed both intuitively and aesthetically. It comes with a flexible user interface that can be switched between the traditional dual-pane interface and then modern list based interface. In both cases multiple folders can be opened in multi-tab interface. Similarly, you can switch between a modern ribbon bar and a traditional menubar.

oMega Commander is available both in the setup installer format that must be installed on your PC and a portable version that does not require any installation. Both versions are exactly the same and allow you to conveniently manage files and folders on your hard drive as well as network drives. You can perform various file operations like copy, cut, paste, delete, move, etc. You can create new directories, compress, decompress, split and join files. You can also use add-ons and external plugins to add some extra features to oMega Commander. For example, you can use the 7-Zip plugin to add the feature of compressing files into a .7Z archive and also decompressing the .7Z archives.

oMega Commander

oMega Commander offers a very modern ribbon bar similar to the Microsoft Office ribbon bar. You can find all the usual shortcuts to the features offered by this file manager. All these features are categorized under different tabs in the ribbon bar under Home, Operations, List, View, Actions, System and Web. Under the System tab, you will find shortcuts to some of the Windows’ tools such as PowerShell, Registry Editor, Control Panel, or Calculator. Under the Web category, you can find some great antivirus links for scanning your files online or installing free antivirus software on your PC.

oMega Commander is designed to make file and folder management much more convenient for everyone. It packs so many features and can be further extended by the use of add-ons.

You can download oMega File Manager from