muCommander is Lightweight Cross-Platform Dual-Pane File Manager

Even though the Windows File Explorer is very efficient and offers a ton of features, it lacks the classic dual-pane user interface. Without a dual-pane interface, it becomes rather difficult to perform file operations across two folders or locations. In File Explorer, you have to drag files across different windows to perform these moving or copying operations. But with a dual-pane file manager like muCommander, these same operations can be performed without any hassle. You can use hotkeys or drag-n-drop actions to quickly transfer files from one location to another in seconds.

muCommander is designed in Java and as such it runs on all the platforms that support Java, for example, Linux, Windows, macOS, BSD etc. All you have to do is install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) first on your system and then you can start using muCommander. For Windows users, muCommander comes with portable JRE bundled so they can start using it without installing JRE first.


muCommander has a dual-pane user interface and the traditional Midnight Commander or Far Manager look. You can easily browse folders and access network drives. To access a location quickly, you can bookmark it too. File operations can be performed either through the menubar, toolbar or through the use of hotkeys. It comes with file archiving abilities helping you create or extract ZIP or TAR archives in seconds without requiring any third-party software. The dual-pane interface makes it possible to compare the files of two folders easily.

muCommander can also be used as FTP client software. Actually it supports many more protocols and services such as SFTP, HTTP, NFS, S3, SMB, OVIRT, REGISTRY and VSPHERE. For most of them, you have to supply a username and password to connect to the remote server. When connected you can browse the files and make changes to them as usual.


With muCommander you can manage your files much more conveniently than with Windows Explorer. The dual-pane interface really helps you perform file operations across two folders very easily. With remote connection features, it can also be used for managing your files over FTP or Amazon S3 storage.

You can download muCommander from