Hide All Open Tabs in Firefox with Panic Button Extension

Panic button is usually a little button somewhere hidden in the office or home furniture. When you find yourself in trouble, you can press this panic button to call the security guards or the police. For example, bank employees can press this panic button if they notice a bank heist in progress which would alert the security and the police officers in the area.

When you are using Firefox web browser in your office or work place, you can have something similar to the panic button in form of the Panic Button extension. When this panic button is clicked, it automatically hides all the open tabs and opens a new tab page instead. It can be customized to open a specific web page.

How is this Panic button useful, you may ask. Well it is really useful if you have a nosy boss or very curious co-workers. The kind of co-workers who sneak behind you and keep watching as you are composing a new email message or posting new pictures over Facebook or Twitter.

Panic Button for Firefox

Now with the help of the Panic Button, you can simply click on this red button as soon as you see these nosy co-workers approaching you. When they try to look at your computer screen, the only thing they will see is the new tab page. When the danger has passed, you can click on the same button again and it will restore all the tabs just like before.

In the settings of Panic Button, you can choose an action to be taken when this button is pressed – open a web page, minimize all windows or close all windows. You can choose a custom webpage to be opened for the first option.

Panic Button for Firefox

If you are afraid that your co-workers or the boss will find out about the panic button, then you can even customize its icon or label. From the settings, you can pick an icon from twenty different icons or choose a custom icon from your hard drive. You can also set a keyboard shortcut to activate the Panic Button.

Panic Button for Firefox

Panic Button is really useful when you are working with really snoopy co-workers or a suspicious boss. It can quickly hide all the open tabs and restore them later when the coast is clear. We recommend it to all the Firefox users.

You can get the Panic Button extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/panic-button/.