Organize Tasks and Manage Time with Clean Timer for Chrome

How many times we start a project or task and keep slowly working on that task without any respect for the time? The tasks that should have been completed in just one hour take up the entire day. Research has shown that we work faster if we have a deadline – a limited time period in which a task should be completed.

In order to focus on your work, and make the most of your limited work time in a day, you can get a timer application that can alert you if you have not completed a task under a specified period of time. If you are a Google Chrome web browser user, then you can get all these features from an extension called Clean Timer.

The word “Clean” in this extension might confuse you as it sounds like a browser history cleaner art first. But the truth is that “Clean” is being used to refer to its interface – it has a very minimalist and clean interface. You can pull down and display the timer by clicking on its icon in the toolbar.

Clean Timer for Chrome

In Clean Timer, you can start a timer or use the stopwatch. One or more simultaneously running timers can be created for different tasks. All these timers are assigned an alarm sound of your choice. You can stop, pause and restart these timers from the same interface. In the similar manner, you can use the stopwatch that comes with Clean Timer. It is a regular stopwatch with the usual features – start or stop the watch and start laps.

Clean Timer is a simple and productive extension for the Chrome web browser. It is great for forcing yourself to complete tasks within a limited period of time. It can be used both by working professionals and the students. The professionals can improve their efficiency by finishing jobs faster while the students can learn to write their answers really very fast.

You can get the Clean Timer extension for Chrome web browser from