Movienizer : Organize and Manage Your Movie Collection

Life was so easy before all these online on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu surfaced. We had a few dozens of movies in either DVD or VHS tape format. We could count them all on our finger tips and all of them were worn out from being played on DVD player or tape player too much.

But now we have dozens of streaming services and each time you access them, they have hundreds of new shows and even more movies added to the catalogue. With so many movies and shows being added every single day, we lose track of the shows that we have been watching.

Fortunately, with the help of a software like Movienizer you can not manage and organize all of your movies and TV shows. With its help you can keep track of the movie titles that you have already watched so that you do not find that you have already seen the film after watching it again for 30 minutes.


Movienizer database is kept offline on your local computer and can be used to add all kinds of TV shows and movies. You can add movies that you have on DVD, tape or the ones that you have watched online. Adding new titles is very easy. You just have to add a list of titles that you want to add and then it will automatically fetch all the information from the internet including posters, cast, producers, directors, screenshots, summary and more. It even fetches trailers for you to watch. Other ways of adding the movies or TV shows is through scanning the barcode, by selecting the DVD folders, or by selecting folder containing movies.

Movienizer is a free software that helps you quickly add all the movies or TV shows that you have watched to your own private catalogue. It is very useful when you have multiple online streaming services subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO etc.

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