How to Install a Website as an App in Windows Using Edge Browser

So many websites offer features or tools that we use very often. It makes sense if we had a quicker way of accessing those sites. We can bookmark those sites to quickly visit them in a web browser, but Microsoft’s new Edge web browsers gives even a faster way to access them – by turning those websites into apps that you can access just like any other universal app in Windows 10.

After a website has been installed in your Windows 10 computer, it can be accessed from its taskbar shortcut. The app opens up in a window of its own and does not have the usual web browser interface features like the toolbar, address bar or the menubar. This site app is powered by Edge browser engine in the background.

Here is how you can install any website in Windows desktop as an app using the new Edge web browser:

  1. Launch Edge web browser and visit the site that you want to install as an app.
  2. From the Edge browser menu, select Apps → Install this site as an app.Install Website as an App with Edge Browser
  3. You have to pick a name for this new app. You can pick any name you want or let it pick the default site title as the app name. This name is used for displaying the app name in the Windows taskbar.
  4. Once the site as an app has been installed, you can access it from its taskbar shortcut.

What if you want to uninstall this app later on? In that case you can simply launch the app and click on its own menu icon that appears in the title bar. From this menu you can choose to Uninstall the app from your system.

Install Website as an App with Edge Browser

This will remove the Windows taskbar shortcut and while removing you can also choose to remove any browsing history associated with that website that you installed as an app in Windows.