Microsoft’s Edge Browser Comes with Hidden Surf Game

Microsoft’s new Edge web browser, which is based on the Chromium browser project, now comes with a cool game hidden inside it. So far only Google has been known to hide small games inside their popular Chrome web browser. But it appears that now Microsoft has also started this practice and in the newer version of Edge browser they have included a Surf game. This game is a great stress buster and boredom killer for everyone.

In order to start enjoying this Surf game, you can simple enter edge://surf in the address bar of the Edge browser. At present it works only in the Edge Dev and Edge Canary builds which you can download from As time passes, this game will also be made available in the release versions of Microsoft Edge browser which can be downloaded from

Edge Surf Game

The Surf game is designed to be very easy and yet very interactive. Old timers are hinting that it looks like Microsoft SkiFree game from 1991 that was released for Windows 3.1 – nearly 30 years ago. That old game came in form of Microsoft Entertainment Pack on Floppy Disk #3. But now you can enjoy the new avatar of SkiFree with much better graphics in form of Surf.

Surf can be played in three modes – Let’s Surf, Time Trial and Zig Zag. In the Let’s Surf mode, you try to go as far as possible without hitting any obstacles. In the Time Trial mode, you have to try to beat the last best time which is set to 1 hour in the beginning. In the Zig Zag mode you have to clear through as many “gates” as possible in a row without wrecking your surfboard. If you find this Surf game hard to play, then you can turn on the reduced speed mode or the high visibility mode.

Edge Surf Game

Edge Surf is a really nice game which works pretty well for relaxing and taking some time out between the stressful working hours of a day. It is a light weight game that you can enjoy when free or when waiting for something.