CursorFX : Set Custom Mouse Cursors for Windows

Windows 10 comes with some basic mouse pointer schemes – black, standard and inverted. These schemes can be applied to have a smaller or larger mouse cursor but even then options for choosing mouse cursors are rather limited. If you want a quicker way to apply new mouse pointer schemes in Windows, then you can try CursorFX. This software comes with over a dozen different animated cursor schemes for your system. After installing CursorFX, you can simply select one of these schemes and click on the “Apply” button to change your mouse cursors.

CursorFX will give you access to seventeen different mouse cursor schemes right out of the box after the installation. In addition, you can also download many more cursor packs from their website. Furthermore, it comes with a handy utility using which you can create your own mouse cursors having animated graphics and cool effects. All the mouse schemes can be customized to have effects and pointer trails of many different types. You can also add sound effects to all the mouse button actions like double-click or right-click.


As if these options were not enough, it offers a general customization panel for the all the cursors. From here you can change the appearance and shadow settings for the cursors. It lets you change the size, color, opacity, contrast, brightness, hue, shadow direction, shadow darkness and shadow sharpness.

CursorFX is not free but is available in a 30-day trial version. It is well worth the price for the users who want to have some pleasant looking mouse cursors for their Windows desktop. It works with Windows 10 seamlessly and you do not have to bother with changing any system settings for your Windows computers. It has no impact on the system resources and it does not launch any processes in the background.

You can download CursorFX from