MacPass : Open-Source Password Manager for macOS

While KeePass is available for macOS too, there is a macOS specific password manager called MacPass that offers hosts of features geared towards this popular operating system. MacPass is an open-source password manager which is fully compatible with KeePass which means that it can handle the databases from your KeePass installations. It can save and read entries from KDB and KDBX files without any problem.

MacPass is designed to have a native look for macOS. It features tabbed used interface – you can open database files in a single window or in multiple tabs. While you are working through these credentials files, they are automatically saved so that you do not lose any entries that you have not manually saved yet. It also features an unlimited number of versions of your database files – you can recover old versions of databases in seconds.

MacPass Password Generator

It features automatic password authentication using something called Autotype. Using this feature, MacPass can provide authentication information for all the text-based entries like username and password. This feature an automatically enter your credentials on websites and also on apps in your Mac such as Skype.

It comes with a built in password generator using which you can generate very strong passwords for your use. You can choose character sets, entropy and the password length and it will instantly generate a password for you. For all the passwords, you can set an expiry data after which the password expires and you have to generate a new password.

It keeps a track of all the changes made to your databases and offers undo for all these actions. If the database has been modified by some other app then you can synchronize or merge the changes. Multiple database files can also be merged into one big database.

You can download MacPass Password Generator from