Recordzilla : Screen Recording Software for Windows

So many Youtubers are now uploading tutorial videos in which they show how to accomplish a certain task on their computer. It could be something like “how to open a bank account online” or “how to save money when shopping for grocery online”. These videos can be recorded using a screen recording software like Recordzilla.

Recordzilla is a professional screen recording software that can save the recorded videos in multiple video formats like AVI, WMV, SWF, or FLV. It can capture your screen activity including the sound being played and the input devices (mouse cursor and keyboard input). It can also put overlay objects such as your logo, text, picture, date or time on the video being captured.

Recordzilla comes with all the components packed inside the setup installer file. It also installs the Windows Media files necessary for saving the video as WMV format. In its one window user interface, you will find all the options – which region of the screen has to be recorded, which video format has to be used, which audio format and compression you want to use, and where you want to save the output video.


You can start the recording by clicking on the “Record” button. When recording it will place an icon in the system tray of Windows desktop screen clicking on which you can stop the recording and save the video file. Alternatively, you can use hotkeys Shift+F5, Shift+F6, and Shift+F7 for starting, pausing and stopping the recording of your PC screen.

Recordzilla is not free and is available only in the trial version which can be used only 9 times for recording. While the software performs really good, it is expensive considering that there are many screen recording software that come with a video editor integrated almost in the same price range.

You can download Recordzilla from