How to Clean Firefox Browser Cache After Using Twitter

Recently Twitter discovered a problem with users who access Twitter through the Firefox web browser. When you access Twitter through Firefox web browser, some of the user data is retained in the browser cache even if you have logged out of Twitter. This may be a privacy risk for some users who access Twitter on public computers such as in library or from a computer in their workplace.

Now Twitter is showing a notice to all the people who access Twitter through Firefox browser. In this small notice that appears when you access Twitter web app, they explain about their discovery of this strange behavior when using Firefox and provide a link about what steps they have already taken.

Firefox Twitter Data Caching

Twitter has made changes so that this won’t happen in future, but if you are among this small group of users who access Twitter from a public computer then you should clean Firefox cache before leaving that public computer. There are many ways to do this.

Easiest way is to clean the Firefox Cache using the “Forget about some browsing history” button in the Firefox browser. This button is located on the Firefox toolbar, but if it is missing then you can add it from the Firefox customization feature (click on Firefox menu and then select “Customize”). Using this feature you can completely remove all the browser history for past 5 minutes, 2 hours or 24 hours.

Firefox Twitter Data Caching

If you want to complete remove everything in the web browsing cache or if you want to have more control over what items you would  want to be removed, then you can use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Del to clear recent history. From the small window that appears, you can choose the time period for which the history has to be cleaned, the type of items to be cleaned (cookies, active logins, history, cache etc), and data before clicking on the Clear button.

Firefox Twitter Data Caching

If you do not want to clean anything except the history and data related to Twitter then you have to take a dive into Firefox options. For this you have to enter about:preferences#privacy in the Firefox address bar, wait for Firefox to calculate the cache size, then click on the Manage Data button. You can enter “twitter” in the search box before clicking on the Remove all shown button and then on Save Changes.

Firefox Twitter Data Caching

When you are using a public computer, you should try to use a portable browser stored on your USB pen drive so that no data is left on that computer. If that is not possible, then you should use private window in the Firefox browser (Ctrl+Shift+P) so that all the data is removed as soon as Firefox window is closed.

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