How to Measure Screen Objects in the Popular Golden Ratio

Golden ratio is the perfect aesthetically pleasing ratio of objects and patterns that occurs in the nature everywhere. Mathematically golden ratio is equal to 1.61. It has been witnessed abundantly in the nature by scientists, surgeons, painters, sculptors, mathematicians, astronomers and biologists. This is why now many artists and engineers include golden ratio in their projects so that the finished products appeals naturally to everyone.

With the help of Golden Ratio software, you can not only measure the golden ratio based sections of any objects or picture but you can divide some object in the golden ratio itself. For example, if you want to use a pen tablet (Wacom Bamboo pen tablet comes to mind) to draw a picture of someone’s face on your computer, you can use Golden Ratio to ensure that everything is drawn using the golden ratio principle.

Golden Ratio

The program shows two transparent windows – a stencil and a measurement tool. The first tool (stencil) can be superimposed over a picture to divide it into golden ratio sections. It can be rotated and resized to fit any object on your screen. You can also use a grid to cover the screen for easy measurement of all the sections. The second tool is then used to measure different parts that follow the golden ratio rule.

Golden Ratio software can be used in more ways than one. You can use it when editing photographs to make them much more pleasing to the eyes. You can use it when creating new art on your computer. You can use it to analyze the existing paintings of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and see how they have painted such beautiful portraits. You can also use it to measure distances and angles of anything visible on your computer screen.

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