Spot on the Mouse : Visualizes Mouse and Keyboard Action on Screen

Spot on the Mouse shows visual representation of all the mouse and keyboard action on your computer screen. It shows a large circle or cross-hair whenever you move your mouse to show the position of the mouse cursor. It also shows indicators as you click or double-click with any of the buttons of your mouse. It can even show as scroll something using the mouse wheel including the direction of the scrolling.

Spot on the Mouse presents a single window interface from where you can configure all of its features. You can toggle all the features – Click Indicator, Mouse Image, Halo, Cross-Hair, and Keyboard. The Click-Indicator displays when you click or double-click using your mouse. It displays whether you used the left, middle or the right mouse button. When you use mouse-wheel it is also displayed.

Spot on the Mouse

If you enable Mouse-Image feature, then instead of the concentric circles, a real mouse image is used as mouse-click and mouse-wheel action indicator. You can choose the mouse image to be white or black. The Halo feature shows a filled circle to indicate the position of the mouse pointer. The Cross-Hair will indicate the position of the cursor on your screen using large cross-hair. You can customize the color of both the halo and the large cross-hair.

The Keyboard feature can be used to indicate keyboard keys. By default it works only for the modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, and Alt), but you can change the settings to include all the keyboard keys or a special set of keys. When you press any of these keys, a small key icon appears on the screen near the mouse cursor itself.

Spot on the Mouse

Spot on the Mouse is very useful for people who have a large screen and often struggle to find the position of their mouse cursor. It is also very useful when you are making how-to videos or tutorial videos that show which of the mouse buttons was pressed during a step.

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