TaskbarX : Control Windows 10 Taskbar Position and Style

After using a Mac for many years when you switch to a Windows PC, you are going to miss many cool things that macOS can boast about. One of these things is the macOS Dock where you will find all the shortcut icons for applications and which can also be used to switch between different applications. macOS Dock is just very cool looking both in terms of graphics, behavior and animation.

On a Windows PC, you can have a similar effect using a freeware called TaskbarX. This small tool modify the look and behavior of Windows Taskbar that is usually placed near the bottom edge of your screen. When TaskbarX is launched, it automatically centers the icons in the taskbar to the center just like in the Dock. When an application window is selected or an app is launched from its shortcut in the taskbar, you will see an animation similar to what happens when you launch an app from Dock.


TaskbarX can be configured to change the position of the icons, the animation effects and other things. You can set its style to be transparent, blurred or acrylic. There are over 40 different types of animation effects that you can select. You can choose different animations when it is on battery and when it is attached to a wall power socket. The position of the icons can be changed by specifying the coordinates manually. If you have a multi-monitor configuration then you can specify different settings for each of the screens.


TaskbarX can make your desktop look prettier by making the Windows Taskbar behave like macOS Dock. It allows you to change the style, position, and behavior of the Windows Taskbar. It is a really useful software for the Windows users who miss macOS Dock from their Macbook Pro.

You can download TaskbarX from https://chrisandriessen.nl/taskbarx/.