ColorMania : Advanced Color Picker Tool for Windows

All graphics editors come with a color palette tool from where you  can pick one or more colors of your choice for the sake of use in the graphics editing, drawing or filling an area. Some of these editors come with pretty impressive color palettes including an eye dropper tool that can be used to pick the color of any pixel on your screen. But if you are not satisfied with their in-built color pickers, then you can use a third-party color picker tool called ColorMania. It is an advanced color picking tool that comes with a color picker, a color sphere to choose color from, a color palette, a big list of common color names, and more.

ColorMania is a portable application and can be used without any installation. In its small window, you will find all the useful color picking tools. In the top-left corner you will see a preview of the currently selected color. You can change this color’s RGB value and the brightness using slider controls. You can also modify the hue, saturation and color value. As soon as you choose a color, its HTML color code is displayed that can be copied to the clipboard. It can display the color codes in many formats like HTML, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, RGB, RGB %, HSL, HSV, HSB, CMY, CMYK, PhotoShop and PowerBuilder.


You can choose color from any object on your screen using the eye-dropper tool. You can also manually enter the HTML color code value or select one of the colors from the drop-down color list. Colors can also be randomly generated if you are looking for a new color for your project but are not able to make up your mind. Some of the options are also available from the right-click menu of its notification area icon.


ColorMania is an advanced standalone color picker and can be useful for graphics designers, programmers and web developers. It supports a large number of color formats and offers an impressive list of common color names.

You can download ColorMania from