Texefex : Create Gradient Color Effects for Any Text

It is very easy to create various text effects using an image editor, but it produces the output in form of an image file. What if you want to get text effects in text format itself? What if you want the text effects in the HTML code format that can be embedded in your documents, email messages or webpages? A simple solution is provided by the Texefex application that produces the output in both HTML and BBcode format.

In the Telefex user interface, you have to type in the text to which you want to apply effects. You can enter one line or multiple lines as you please. The text font face, font size, and the background color can be changed easily. Once you have entered the text, you can can select text coloring options from the Text Coloring option and then click on the Generate button.


From the coloring options, you can choose the type of color gradient that would be applied to the text. You can choose from rainbow gradient, custom gradient or randomly generated gradient. You can choose only two colors from which the gradient is generated. The default colors are yellow and blue but you can choose your own colors.

The color can be applied in different modes – character mode, line mode or vertical mode. In the character mode, the whole character is made of one color. In the line mode the color gradient is evenly spread all through a line – even if it wraps around. In the vertical mode, all lines are applied the same gradient.

Texefex is a very useful utility that can be used to create color effects for any piece of text. You can export the color effects in HTML and BBcode format. Both of these codes can be embedded on various online forums, blogs or webpages.

You can download Texefex from http://www.blacksunsoftware.com/texefex.html.