Switch Between Light and Dark Themes in Windows 10 with Darker

Now all the operating systems are coming with dark and light themes or modes – macOS, Android and Windows 10. In the case of Windows 10, you can choose dark or light theme for the Windows user interface itself and for the universal apps (UWP apps). You have to choose these themes from the Windows settings that can be accessed by pressing the hotkey Win+I or by clicking on the cogwheel icon from the Start menu. But each time you want to switch between these themes, you have to go through multiple steps just for this.

If you want a faster way to switch between the light and the dark themes in Windows 10, then you can use an open-source tool called Darker. It is a pretty simple tool that stays in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can simply click on its icon in the system tray once to switch between the two themes.


If you right-click on this notification area icon, then you will see a menu from where you can launch the Windows settings section for changing the options for the themes by choosing Theme Settings from the menu. You can also choose to make Darker tool automatically launch at Windows startup from this menu.

At this moment (version 1.0), Darker fails to differentiate between the different modes used for Windows and the universal apps. It just applies dark theme to both if you choose dark theme through Darker, or applies the light theme to both in the case you select the light theme. This can be painful for the users who have selected different modes for Windows and apps. The developer of this tool promises to new feature to this tool in the future that would allow changing the theme only for the Windows or the apps.

You can download Darker for Windows 10 from https://github.com/angelwzr/darker/.