How to Enable Dark Theme in Vivaldi Browser for Android

Earlier Vivaldi web browser for Android was available only in the beta test version. But now they have released the final version for all the Android users. We can now install version 3.x of Vivaldi browser in our Android devices and get the same web browser as on our desktop computers. One benefit of having it on Android or iPhone is that we can sync the data between desktop computer and the mobile devices easily using a simple Vivaldi account.

While the desktop version of Vivaldi has come up with many new features like Vivaldi Clock that can be used to set countdown timers or alarms, the version for Android devices also has some new features. With the new version of Vivaldi browser for Android, now you can also enable dark theme settings. Here is how:

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser in your Android device. Tap on the small tab icon near the bottom-right corner.
  2. On the tab screen, tap on the vertical ellipses (three vertical dots) and select Settings from there.Vivaldi Dark Theme
  3. Select Themes on the setting screen.
  4. Finally you are on the themes screen from where you can choose either the light theme or the dark theme. You can also set the themes to be System Default which automatically sets the light or the dark theme based on the Android theme setting.Vivaldi Dark Theme

The dark theme in Vivaldi web browser is very useful for the users like me who turn off the lights and enjoy tweeting all night from the comfort of their cozy bed. In the darkness of the night, the brightness of the screen can strain your eyes and can even cause pain in the long term. When dark mode is enabled, your eyes do not feel all this strain and you can continue to use the smartphone for a longer time.