TotalMounter : Virtual Rewritable CD/DVD Drive for Windows

TotalMounter is a virtual CD/DVD drive software for Windows. It creates one or more virtual drives in your Windows PC so that you can mount disk images such as ISO or BIN using these virtual drives. There are many such software that allow you to mount ISO or BIN disk images and use them in the File Explorer, but TotalMounter goes one step forward and allows you to burn the disks as well. Using TotalMounter, you can burn files or other things on a virtual optical disk using any program and it will save the resulting disk in form of an ISO file. This feature makes it a great software for creating bootable ISO disk image files.

During the installation, TotalMounter installs virtual disk drive driver software on your Windows PC. Once the installation is over, you can use any software to burn files to the virtual CD/DVD disk. But if you want to mount the disk image files using TotalMounter then you will have to launch TotalMounter from its Start menu shortcut which also places it in the notification area. You can also do the mounting and unmounting from its notification area icon.

KernSafe TotalMounter

In the TotalMounter user interface, you click on the “Mount” toolbar button and choose to mount an ISO file in the CD/DVD read-only or CD/DVD in re-writable mode. Similarly, you can also mount other file types such as BIN, NRG, RAW or IMG. With its help, you can mount as many as eight different virtual drive compatible files. Just like the mounting, you can also do unmounting very fast either from the TotalMounter window or from the notification area.

TotalMounter is available in two types of licenses – free and advanced. The advanced license allows you to do much more than the basic free license. For example, in the advanced license mode you can create your own virtual folders, create encrypted disks and access cloud file hosting through TotalMounter.

You can download KernSafe TotalMounter from