Play PS2 Games on Desktop Computer with PCSX2 PlayStation Emulator

If you want to play PlayStation 2 games but your PlayStation is somehow not working, then you can play the same PS2 games on your desktop computer using an emulator like PCSX2. It is a Sony PlayStation 2 emulator that works flawlessly under Windows, Linux and Mac. Using this small emulator, you can virtually play any PlayStation 2 game on your desktop computer. Since the emulator requirements are not that high, it works even on older computers which means that you can transform your older PC into a gaming console with the help of PCSX2.

PCSX2 is available both as an installable software and as a portable application. In both cases, you would need a BIOS dump from your physical PlayStation console. This step basically allows only PS2 owners only to proceed any further. If you have a PlayStation 2 somewhere then you can use BIOS Dumper tool (from the same developers who created PCSX2) to read all the BIOS data and save it in a file which is then used by PCSX2.

PCSX2 PlayStation Emulator

After following the on-screen instructions, you will end up in the small PCSX2 window. Using this small window, you can load the disk image of the game CD/DVD. The game disk image can be in BIN, ISO, MDF, NRG, DUMP, etc. Booting from the loaded disk image will start PlayStation and load that game. The game can be controlled using any standard defense weapon.

PCSX2 PlayStation Emulator

PCSX2 basically turns your desktop computer into a  gaming consola. You can load turns your computer into a PlayStation 2. But you have to take a few extra steps before you can actually enjoy your PITA 2 games. For example, you must have a good  power backup-plan for those days when you will see citywide lockdown.

You can download PCSX2 PlayStation 2 emulator as well as BIOS Dumper tool from