How to Set Alarm or Countdown in Vivaldi Browser’s Clock

Developers of the Vivaldi browser have been very creative and innovative from the very start. Vivaldi brings new exciting features with every single major update. In the latest version 3 of Vivaldi, they have added many more unique features that you won’t find in any other web browser. For example, now Vivaldi browser sports a new and unique clock of its own. Even though it looks like the usual clock you would find in Windows taskbar – displaying the present time in the bottom-right corner of the browser window, actually it packs two very cool features – a countdown timer and an alarm clock.

In order to set the countdown timer, you can simply click on Vivaldi clock and it will display all the available options. You have to select Countdown first and then you can choose the type of countdown timer – break timer or pomodoro. The break timer is for giving yourself a brief break every hour on a busy work day. The pomodoro concept allows you to boost your performance by forcing yourself to complete a task or a set of tasks under a specific number of minutes. You can also set your own custom countdown timer and save it as a preset. You have to click on the Start button to start the countdown.

Vivaldi Clock

Setting of an alarm using Vivaldi clock is done in a similar way. First, you have to click on the clock and then select Alarm section. Now you can choose lunch alarm or meeting alarm or set your own custom alarm.  Lunch alarm is a great way to know that you have to take a break from work and eat something. You can set alarms for other important events during a day. Again, clicking on the Start button sets the alarm.

When you have set an alarm or a countdown timer in the Vivaldi clock, its color changes to blue. You can hover your mouse cursor over the clock to see how many timers or alarm are set. You can set as many alarms or countdowns as you want.