iDailyDiary : Everyday Journal for Windows with Cloud Support

iDailyDiary is a digital journal application for Windows computers using which you can take notes or keep your everyday records easily. It has a unique user interface that combines the very familiar Wordpad like interface with a timeline at the bottom using which you can quickly jump from one date to another. Since the interface is very much similar to Wordpad, it has all the standard features you would find in any decent text editor. You can add text, pictures, hypertext, URLs etc. It offers full text formatting abilities just like Wordpad.

iDailyDiary can be used for a variety of things such as a regular diary to write down your daily experiences of life, to note down classroom notes, to write your observations for a project and so on. If you have to export and save your diary pages, then it allows you to export the pages into a number of formats such as HTML, TXT, HTML with CSS, RTF or IDF. It supports Unicode so that you can insert Unicode based special characters or even write in a non-Latin language like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Hebrew, Greek or Thai.


iDailyDiary is fully searchable so that you can search for any particular entries, dates or reminders easily. It has an inbuilt password protection feature that helps you lock down your diary. In fact, when you start your diary, you have to supply a unique diary name along with the new password. This password can later be changed easily. You can also backup your diary over to your Dropbox cloud account. It can be restored from the cloud in a similar way. You can use the cloud storage for syncing your diary across two devices easily.


iDailyDiary is available in two versions – free and professional. The professional version adds many more features such as themes, templates, spell-checker, exporting of the entire diary (not only single pages) and more.

You can download iDailyDiary from