Digital Clock 4 : Displays Beautiful Custom Clock on Windows Desktop

Windows does display a small clock near the bottom-right corner of the desktop in the notification area. But this clock is very small and sort of boring. If you want a larger, beautiful and customizable clock on your Windows desktop then you can try Digital Clock 4.

It is an open-source desktop clock software for Windows. It can be either installed on your PC or you can use it in the portable mode. It comes with several plugins using which you can add many more features to the clock. For example, you can make it display your current IP address.

Digital Clock

By default, it is displayed near the top-left corner of the screen but you can drag it around anywhere on your desktop. You can also right-click on the digital clock and choose its position from there. You can also do the same by right-clicking on the Digital Clock’s notification area icon.

In the settings for Digital Clock, you can choose a skin for the clock from Christmas Red, Christmas Blue, Binary Clock, Floral, Flipclock, Electronic and more. You can choose the opacity, background color, clock color, texture and the zoom level.

Digital Clock

It comes with many plugins that can add more features or information to the digital clock. Using these plugins you can add information or features like the IP address, quick note, alarm clock, chime, countdown timer, date, random position, scheduler, talking clock, time-tracker, tray icon color, variable translucency etc.

Digital Clock

Digital Clock is very useful and productive tool for everyday use. With the time displayed in large font always in your face, you will be forced to work faster to meet the deadline. You can also turn it into an alarm clock so that you never miss important events such as meetings at work.

You can download Digital Clock 4 from