Automatically Shutdown Windows with Falco Auto Shutdown

These days when so many people are adopting the “work from home” lifestyle because of the outbreak, not many of us are able to clearly define the work hours at home like in the office. As a result, I have witnessed some of my friends sleeping on their desks over their keyboards because they tried to work for 12 hours at a stretch and became so tired that they fell asleep. There are two solutions for this problem – a great alarm clock to tell you when work hours are over and a program to auto-turn-off the computer. For the latter, you can try Falco Auto Shutdown which is a small auto-shutdown utility for Windows.

Falco Auto Shutdown has a tabbed user interface and each tab offers a different way to shutdown the PC. You can set a timer to turn off the PC – you have to select countdown style timer or choose a system time trigger. You can also choose what to do when the time is up – shutdown the PC or put it in suspend mode.

Falco Auto Shutdown

Another method is to schedule a shutdown. You can choose a weekday, a time and an action to be taken. Action can be either power off or suspend the PC. This method is great if you want to shutdown the computer at a specific time on a specific weekday. For example, if you want to shutdown the computer at 4:30 PM on Monday but at 5:00 PM on Tuesday.

Falco Auto Shutdown

The third way that Falco Auto Shutdown offers is through a calendar event. This is same as scheduling a PC shutdown but here you can choose a specific date, time and of course the action. This is only useful if you can plan way ahead of time, for example, months in advance.

Falco Auto Shutdown

Falco Auto Shutdown keeps running in the background and based on the timer or scheduled event, it can shutdown your PC automatically. It is really useful tool for those who forget to turn off their computers for one reason or another.

You can download Falco Auto Shutdown from