Recordit : Record, Upload and Share Your Computer Screen

Recordit is a small program using which you can record your computer screen, upload it online and share it with others. It saves the videos in the GIF animation format and supports native integration of these videos in your tweets. You can even download the recorded videos but only in the GIF file format.

It is available for Windows and Mac. In case of Mac, it offers Pro version that features a much higher FPS rate and password protection of your videos online. In the free version, your screencasts are uploaded online and are accessible by everyone from anywhere in the world.

On a Windows computer, it sits in the notification area of Windows desktop from where you can right-click on it to choose an action like recording of the screen or access its settings. In the settings of Recordit, there are only two options – whether you want to highlight the mouse cursor during the recording of your screen, and whether you want to auto-start Recordit with Windows.


After you choose to record the screen, you have to select a rectangular region of your screen and then click on the small “Record” button that is displayed under the selected region. In the free version,  you can record only 30 seconds of activity after which is auto-stops recording. You can also manually stop the recording by clicking on the respective button.


As soon as you stop the recording, it starts to upload it to their server and upon success, it displays a link. On this link, you can watch the video or share it with others. You can also put this link inside your tweets if you are active on Twitter. Perhaps it will also work for other social networks like Facebook.


Recordit is a tiny screen recording application. It barely uses any RAM or CPU power. But it uploads the screen recordings or screencasts online without user confirmation and that could be a problem with users who value their privacy.

You can download Recordit from