Format Any Hard Drive with HDD Low Level Format Tool

When you buy a new hard drive, it will come pre-formatted and you just have install it to be able to start using it. It is another thing that when you want to install a particular oeprating system, the hard drive might be formatted using a different file system such as ext3, ext4, HFS etc.

Even when you want to format a hard drive on your own, you should be able to use the tools provided by the operating system to partition it or format it without any problem. But if you encounter any trouble, then you can try formatting that hard drive using a third-party software called HDD Low Level Format Tool.

This small tool specializes in formatting hard disk drive but it can also work with other types of media such as USB flash drives or SD cards. It supports almost all types of interfaces like SATA, PATA,, EIDE, USB, Firewire, and more. It is available as a portable software and does not require installation.

In order to format your hard disk drives with HDD Low Level Format Tool, you have to first connect the target drive and make sure it is visible in Windows. Even if that drive is not visible in the File Explorer (perhaps because it does not have any partitions), this tool will still detect it.

HDD Low Level Format Tool

You can select the storage device from this list and then proceed to the next step. You have to be very very careful when select the storage device because formatting the wrong hard drive will result in complete data loss for that selected device.

HDD Low Level Format Tool

On the next screen, you will see some basic information about the selected drive. In case of hard disk drives, it will display the SMART data if this feature is enabled in the BIOS/UEFI of your system. You can switch to the  “Low-Level Format” tab and click on Format this Device button.

HDD Low Level Format Tool

After a warning and confirmation, it will begin to format the target hard drive or any other type of storage device. You will see the whole progress and receive a message when the formatting of that drive is complete.

HDD Low Level Format Tool is a tool that is best reserved for advanced users as it allows selection of the all the available storage devices. Beginners may end up accidentally selecting the wrong drive and losing all their data.

You can download HDD Low Level Format Tool from