Unleash All Features of Apple Magic Trackpad on Windows with ExtraMagic

Apple makes some very impressive hardware whether it is smartphones or notebook computers. They also make some of the very unique and powerful peripheral hardware, for example Apple Magic Trackpad. It is a multi-touch trackpad that you attach to any of the Mac computers. Even though it is designed to work with Mac, it can also be used on any Windows PC. Unfortunately, only some basic features are available when it is connected to a Windows PC.

With the help of third-party pack of drivers software called ExtraMagic, you can unleash the full potential of Apple Magic Trackpad on a Windows PC. It supports both the older Apple Magic Trackpad and the newly released Apple Magic Trackpad 2.

Without ExtraMagic, only one and two finger touch functions are available with Magic Trackpad. After you have installed ExtraMagic, you will be able to unlock the same set of features in Trackpad as available on macOS. Now you will be able to perform three and four finger touch events such as three finger drag, three finger swipe, three finger taps, four finger swipes and four finger taps.

ExtraMagic for Apple Magic Trackpad

All these gestures are associated with special functions. But with the help of ExtraMagic, you can customize these gestures to a certain degree. You can define the actions associated with all the three-finger and four-finger gestures. Some of these customizations are not even available through the official Apple software on macOS.

Before you can install ExtraMagic on your Windows PC, make sure that you have enabled Bluetooth on your system. Sometimes the Bluetooth radio is disable in the BIOS/UEFI settings and you have to enable it from there followed by installing the Bluetooth drivers. Only after this, you should proceed to installing ExtraMagic which installs its own Bluetooth drivers for smoother operation of Apple Magic Trackpad.

You can download ExtraMagic from http://extramagic.forbootcamp.org/.