Restore Deleted or Damaged Data Quickly with Aidfile Recovery

Losing important files is how some of the nightmares start. All the files that you were carefully saving in a secret folder on your hard drive suddenly disappear – nowhere to be seen again. You search the hard drive for the twentieth time while your dinner sits on the table getting colder and colder – but no success. This is when you know it could be that those files were deleted by mistake as a result of accidental keystroke that you didn’t even notice. But there is nothing to worry about if you have a good data recovery software like Aidfile Recovery.

Aidfile Recovery can help you restore delete files from your data storage devices easily. It works with FAT32 or NTFS file systems – two of the most popular file systems. It works with all the data storage devices like USB pen drives, microSD cards, hard drives and more.

Aidfile Recovery

The user interface of Aidfile Recovery is very easy to follow. You have four options – undelete quick, unformat quick, full scan and recover partition quick. Undeleting can recover deleted files that were deleted by accidental hitting of Shift+Delete, from the Recycle Bin, by some software uninstallation etc. Unformatting is helpful for recovery of data after hard drive was formatted. The full scan mode can scan your hard drive for all the possible files that can be recovered. Recover partition mode can recover data after one or more partitions were deleted.

No matter which scan mode you select, they all scan your hard drive and present you with the detected files, folders or partitions. You can then proceed to recover them and restore them to a safer location.

The trial version of Aidfile Recovery imposes some limitations for example, you are not able to actually recovery any of the discovered files – you can only see them in the detected files list. This is very strange considering the fact that there are many other programs like Recuva that offer free data recovery without any limitations.

You can download Aidfile Recovery from