Alternate Calculator : Replacement for Microsoft Calculator for Windows

Windows 10 comes with its own in-built calculator app that can be used for any kind of calculation. The Windows Calculator app can be launched just by typing “calc” after clicking on the Start button and then pressing Enter. Microsoft’s Calculator can be used in many modes – standard, scientific, programmer and date conversion. But it lacks currency conversion module which many people need on everyday basis.

If you want currency conversion feature in calculator, then you can use a third-party free Alternate Calculator. This calculator runs on any system running Windows XP to Windows 10. It can be used to carry out very complex operations.

The user interface of Alternate Calculator looks very familiar as it reminds of the old Windows 7 era Microsoft Calculator app. It has all the buttons you would find in any scientific calculator with logarithmic, trigonometric, and memory functions. If you have ever used any scientific calculator before, then you will have no trouble with Alternate Calculator and will start using it right away.

Alternate Calculator

The currency converter module of Alternate Calculator comes with a few currencies conversion rates built inside. It saves these values inside a file which can be manually edited or you can use the Alternate Calculator currency editor tool to edit it. You can add new currencies and set their conversion rates through this.

Unfortunately there is no online update function for downloading the latest currency conversion rates from the internet. You have to manually edit or add currency rates yourself. But once you have added these currencies, you will find conversion through Alternate Calculator very easy.

Alternate Calculator

Alternate Calculator is an advanced calculator for Windows that can be used for simple calculations or complex computations. It comes with built-in currency converter and supports many number systems like decimal, hexadecimal, binary etc.

You can download Alternate Calculator from