gPhotoShow : Create Custom Screensaver for Windows 10

If you want to display the pictures of your loved ones on your computer screen when your PC is idle, then there is no better way than using an image screensaver. You can create your own custom screensaver in Windows 10 using a freeware called gPhotoShow.

gPhotoShow is a image based screensaver that displays the pictures from your selected folders on your screen. The pictures displayed are placed in a rotating cube and are randomly picked from the folders containing your pictures. In addition, you can also choose to play music files in the background.


After the installation of gPhotoShow on your Windows PC, you can open Windows Settings (Win+I) and then search for “Change Screensaver” to select this new gPhotoShow screensaver. In the configuration of this screensaver, you can add as many folders containing your pictures as you want. You can choose the background color, whether images are to be chosen randomly or sequentially, the delay between display two images and more. Similarly, you can add folders containing music files. It supports WAV, MP3 and MID audio file types. These music files are played in the background when the screensaver becomes active.


You can also choose an action that can terminate the screensaver – key press, mouse move, mouse clicks etc. There are options for deciding how the cube will rotate on your screen spin rate, spin direction, cube size, whether the pictures are to be floating, whether their aspect ratio is to be maintained, whether the images are to kept upright all the time and so on.


While the free version of gPhotoShow works smoothly in Windows 10, it lacks some of the features you will find in the paid version of gPhotoShow Pro. For example, in the Pro version, you can add video files too in addition to the support for many more image file types.

You can download gPhotoShow from