CherryPlayer : Plays Videos, Music and Online Radio

CherryPlayer is a versatile media player that can play everything under the Sun – music files, video files, online radio channels, and it can even show Twitch livestreams. It is the only software you would need on your Windows PC in order to be able to entertain yourself.

It is available as a portable program but can also be installed on Windows. It opens up with internet radio channels at the first time. Afterwards it will display the recently played files when launched. In case of video files, it will display the recently played files with their thumbnails so that you can quickly pick the videos to be played again.

When it comes to internet radio, it fetched the list of freely available radio stations from three different sources – Online Radio Box, shoutCast and These three sources cover pretty much all of the available online radio stations in the world today. If you cannot find any radio station here, then that radio station does not exist.


CherryPlayer can play all the video files and audio music files. You can add the files by dragging-n-dropping them on the CherryPlayer window, selecting them through the menu, or using the hotkey Ctrl+O. You can even add entire folders containing your music or video collection. It will start playing all the added files sequentially one by one.

If you want to watch Twitch livestreams in CherryPlayer, then you will have to first add your account details and authorize CherryPlayer to access your Twitch account. After that you would be able to search Twitch from withing CherryPlayer user interface.


CherryPlayer is a very lightweight media player and does not consume much of the system resources. It works smoothly and can be customized to display the media information for all the videos or music files being played.

You can download CherryPlayer from