Ultwin : Manage Large Number of Windows Easily

UltWin is a windows management software using which you can control hundreds of open windows in your PC. This is very useful if you have to open many windows for various applications in your computer. UltWin can help you manage all these windows by resizing them, repositioning them, minimizing them or sending them to the background in bulk.

UltWin works very well with multiple monitor configuration. You can move open windows from one monitor to another very easily using UltWin through a special feature called Float DeskView Window. In the DeskView window, which can be resized and dragged around anywhere on your screen, you can see a preview of all the open windows on your system.


You can attach or detach any window to UltWin – only attached windows can be managed and controlled through UltWin. The DeskView window automatically adds any extra monitors connected to your screen and allows you to manage them as well.


UltWin places a small toolbar in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can right-click on this to change the settings related to UltWin. In the settings, you can change the aspect ratio, whether to display tooltips, and whether to keep the wallpaper in the DeskView preview window. You can also choose whether any newly opened windows are auto-attached to UltWin as soon as they become visible. You can even set a hotkey to attach or detach any window to UltWin.


UltWin makes it easy for you to manage hundreds of windows by allowing you to handle them through a preview window called DeskView. You can send any window to the background when you do not need it and bring it forward when you need it. Instead of over-burdening the Windows taskbar with managing so many open windows, you can depend on UltWin for management of large number of open windows.

You can download UltWin from https://www.ultwin.com/.